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What you need to know about large format printing

Published: 9 July 2015
What you need to know about large format printing

Large format printing is one of the most popular (and most effective) options available in today's market.

One of the most useful things to know before you start producing your own marketing and advertising material is the different products available.

What is large format printing?

As the name suggests, large format printing takes your designs and puts them on bigger printouts. This format includes everything from A3 up to A0 (16 times the size of A4) with a variety of sizes and shapes in between. Posters, banners and signs can all be created in this way and designs can be printed on a variety of materials including paper, card, vinyl and canvas.

What are the benefits?

No matter what you've heard, size does matter. The bigger the better, as they say, and this applies to printed materials as well. Large printed designs help your company or event stand out as people can see your information from further away, helping to improve exposure and reinforce branding. A good design on a large product can help generate buzz and get people talking about your business, product or service, and it also helps you make a good first impression.

How personalised can it be?

Everything about your banner, poster or sign can be customised. You can choose between a standard or custom size, you can create your own design or get a professional to help you, and you can choose the material, whether you want colour or black and white and how many copies you want. Printed material can be used in almost any way you can imagine whether you want it at an outdoor event, in your store, to place in a window or to wrap around a vehicle. Wherever you put it, you can boost your brand and get yourself a step ahead of your competitors.

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