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Online marketing services for any business

Digital marketing is an efficient way to promote your business. Your clients are searching the internet for what they want and need, and so the online world is the ideal place to promote and/or sell your products and services.

Digital marketing has a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Targeted: Reach who you want, when you want
  • Measurable: Every visit, every click, every sale is recorded.
  • Cost-effective: Digital marketing can offer your business high ROI.
  • Real time results. Any online marketing platform allows you to see how your campaign is working at any given time.

Tailored digital marketing campaigns

Your participating Snap Centre can provide your business with a tailored online campaign that not only targets your current clients, but seeks out new ones as well.

Options include:

  • eMail marketing. A targeted campaign can build a relationship and is considered to be effective for retaining clients.
  • eNewsletters. People love helpful hints and interesting stories. A newsletter campaign will have your name in front of potential clients on a regular basis without the 'big sell'.
  • Personalised emails. An email that speaks directly to the recipient is far better received than a generic piece of communication.
  • Social media. We can create and set up the graphics for your company Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram pages.
  • Websites. By far your most important digital marketing asset
  • QR codes. An effective marketing tool, which creates as link between your online and printed materials. 
  • Digital Publishing. Digital publishing enables you to target your audience with existing promotional materials in a digital format.Read our blog on ePublications for more information
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