Sustainability Statement

Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without adversely affecting conditions for future generations. At Snap Print Solutions, we are committed to providing social, environmental, and resource-responsible practices for our business and consumers.

Environmental sustainability is a significant point of focus in the printing industry and Snap Print Solutions is committed to the long-term environmental sustainability of its business activities.

Our approach is to consider economic, social and environmental impacts in our decision-making.

We will achieve this by:


  • Putting the health, safety and well-being of people first
  • Harnessing and valuing diversity and inclusion
  • Actively sharing our knowledge with our client base so that they can make better decisions


  • Having a focus on waste, recycling, storage and handling through Sustainable Green Print practices
  • Contributing towards and protecting our natural environment
  • Minimising our environmental impacts
  • Seeking out as well as promoting the use of sustainable materials that can then be reused or recycled
  • Applying circular economy principles to our printing operations and services
  • Managing our supply chain to reduce the environmental impact of printing and production


  • Providing long term value for our partners by building our reputation as a market leader
  • Supporting our partners and supply chain to improve sustainability through education and collaboration

Sustainable Green Print

To show our dedication towards a sustainable future, Snap Print Solutions has partnered with Sustainable Green Print and we are proud to announce that every single Snap Print Solutions Centre around Australia has a Sustainable Green Print Certification!

Sustainable Green Print (SGP) is a nationally recognised environmental certification program designed specifically for print businesses.

The certification, run by the Print & Visual Communication Association, is a level-by-level program that aligns with international standards.

The certification is based on the ISO14001 framework and focuses on compliance with environmental policies and risks to ensure that we manage expectations and responsibilities for our business and customers.

Level 1 Certification in Sustainable Green Print focuses on record-keeping, environmental compliance, cleaner production practices and waste management, as well as an Environmental Management System.

Our Suppliers

We recognise that a comprehensive solution to print industry sustainability begins with print buyers but does not end with Snap as a supplier of print products and services. It extends to our suppliers of equipment and raw materials, their suppliers and to the post-consumer disposal of any publication, product or service.

Our paper suppliers are committed to sustainability and ensure that their products are sourced with consideration of environmental factors. This includes measures to improve environmental impacts, such as the use of certified forest fibres, alternative renewable energy sources, and reducing chemical, energy, water usage and effluent.

Sustainable practices go beyond just our suppliers of paper, to also using sustainable printer suppliers. Some of the actions our printer suppliers are taking to reduce the environmental impact of production and manufacturing activities include cutting CO2 emissions, making effective use of water and other resources across the entire product lifecycle, and reaching as far as the use and disposal of products by customers. Our suppliers are constantly developing products and services that offer outstanding energy-saving and resource-saving results that will contribute to reducing the environmental impact on society at large.

Where possible, we endorse, promote, and work with supplier partners that are serious about sustainability.

Let's work together towards a sustainable future.

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