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ePublications: How, why and when to use them

Published: 1 November 2012
ePublications: How, why and when to use them

Electronic publications

With people now spending more online and many turning to the web as their first port of call to get the information they want, ePublications are becoming increasingly popular. Many businesses are now turning to digital marketing and are discovering a new world of possibilities for their publications.

How do they work?

ePublications are typically published on websites, but can also be viewed on any Wi-Fi-enabled device such as tablets and smartphones. They can be produced as static, editable or rich multimedia publications. ePublications can meet and exceed the expectations of their traditional print counterparts, providing a host of benefits for both producers and consumers.

Why go digital?

ePublications allow your business to:

Save on costs by eliminating expensive outlays such as paper, printing and postage.
Go green and reduce your carbon footprint by only publishing digitally.
Save time by simply uploading the document to your website or emailing it directly to clients at the click of a mouse.
Make changes easily by amending the document in digital form and republishing online with a quick turnaround time.
Integrate rich media by incorporating interactive features that are only possible digitally, such as video, Flash, music, slideshows, hyperlinks, social media, internal document searches and more.
Make it easy for clients by providing publications that are easy to access, reader-friendly, engaging and modern.
Track and report statistics to understand how much time is spent reading your ePublication, how it was discovered and more.

When to use ePublications?

Just about any publication can be transformed into an ePublication. While some businesses prefer to use ePublications as a complete alternative to print publications, others frequently use both together to strike a balance that suits their business needs. Examples include:

Annual reports
Company brochures
Information leaflets
Instruction manuals
Marketing collateral
Training materials


Contact Snap for more information on how to convert existing print materials into an ePublication, or to design one from scratch.

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