About QR Codes

Quick Response Codes

Quick Response (QR) Codes are an effective marketing tool, creating a link between your online and printed materials. 


There are a varierty of ways you can use QR codes including: 

  • Promotion: Whether your QR code sends clients to your website, an app or your social media page, QR codes are a great way to direct clients to the material you want them to view.
  • Register users: Use QR codes along with incentives to register users. For example, ask clients to enter a few simple contact details in exchange for possibly winning free merchandise or a prize.
  • In-store materials: QR codes can be used to grant access to instant information. A QR code in a restaurant could be used for an instant coupon.

Type of QR codes

QR codes come in two forms:

  • Interactive: used for different links and can be used a number of times 
  • Static: once off use for one link and are perfect for competitions and promotions

QR code business uses

At Snap, we will work with you to add QR Codes to your business communications:

  • Print QR Codes on your business cards to create a direct link to your website contact page.
  • Use QR Codes to replace competition entry forms. Clients simply scan your code to enter a promotion online.
  • SMS a limited offer via a QR Code direct to a mobile phone for presentation in-store.
  • Print QR Codes on your company merchandise (stubby holders, caps, t-shirts, USB drives). Your clients will be intrigued to find out more!

Introduce QR Codes to your clients by arranging an appointment with your local Snap Centre today.

Snap is here to help with your QR codes
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