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The evolution of print and design

Published: 5 June 2015

Watch the evolution of print unfold and see the impact it has on today's web design.

Watch the video to learn about:
  • The birth of print in pre-220 AD China.
  • The creation of the world's first movable type printing system.
  • Gutenberg's invention of the printing press in 1439.
  • The development of colour printing and typefaces.
  • How the industrial revolution impacted printing.
  • The relationship between print and advertising.

First, there was print

Before tablets, computers and smartphones, there was print. In fact, print predates cameras, automobiles and even light bulbs. Yet if it weren't for the rules and foundations established by print design, you can bet today's websites and mobile apps would look very different.

How print shapes the pixel

The basics of web and digital design can be traced back to the print-design breakthroughs that came before them. And in a world that communicates through both paper and pixels, it's important to know how to work across all mediums.

Snap's evolution: Progressive print and design in Australia

Stan Watt discovered instant print in the US in 1966 and brought it back to his father's already successful and well-established business, Imperial Printing Co.

This introduction was a massive step forward for print and design in Australia, and in 1979 (the recently renamed) Snap decided it was time to share this wealth of knowledge through franchising. In 2007, recognising the benefits of applying its expertise to the digital revolution, Snap widened its repertoire to include marketing services, website and online design.

As technology improves and web users expect higher and higher standards from their online content, creating an attractive, fully functional website has never been more essential.

To apply years of print and design knowledge to your online and offline campaigns, get in touch with your local Snap Centre today.


Author:Snap Marketing
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