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Show, don't tell: The value of infographics

Published: 29 August 2013

Visual information; easier to "read"

Visual information is largely thought to be easier to dissect and remember than textual information, so it's not surprising that information displayed through graphics has become one of the more popular content options for blogs and websites over the past few years. These visual representations of information are commonly referred to as infographics and they could play an important role in your content marketing efforts.

What are infographics?

Infographics are graphic representations of information or data. Their intent is to present complex information quickly and clearly.  Often in the form of graphs, charts, maps and visual stories, infographics allow readers to process large amounts of information in a limited time.

Why do they work?

In a digital era where most of us have short attention spans and are subject to information overload, displaying information in a format that is easily digestible is going to help ensure people will remember what you want to tell them.

Infographics are a more engaging, fun and share-worthy way to communicate information, meaning your content is more likely to go viral. While we are yet to see the day that an Excel spreadsheet went viral, you will often find a good infographic scattered across social networking sites and blogs meaning your business could benefit from both brand exposure and all-important backlinks.

How can I use them?

It's unlikely there's a business out there that couldn't find something to share via an infographic. Think outside the box and select a topic that is relevant to your business, but still of common interest.

Here are some of the forms of information that are successfully shared through infographics:
  • Step-by-step processes.
  • Survey results and market research.
  • Timelines.
  • Comparisons (e.g. now vs. then).
  • Stories.
  • Facts and statistics.

The final word

Create an infographic that is engaging and of interest to your readers to give it the legs that will make it a worthwhile marketing activity. And never forget to brand it with your logo and business URL!

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