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My brush with fame

Published: 24 May 2012

Celebrities converge at Snap

Crowds of passing shoppers stopped to peer in the windows of the Snap Clarence St Centre as I dealt with stars from the latest series of Celebrity Apprentice all competing to get their posters printed as soon as possible.

Our Centre was ablaze with lights and TV cameras as many larger-than-life celebrities such as Vince Sorrenti, Lauren Eagle and Dicko all took part in the challenge to develop promotional material for a new type of vehicle.

We knew they were coming into the Centre that day but not what time. It was very pressured being filmed helping these stars who were all talking and coming out with funny one-liners while arranging a fast turn-around of their posters.

I was filmed serving and interacting with the group of celebrities who were competing with each other to assemble the best portfolio of creative promotions for their vehicle.

I had some lines prepared to say on camera about our fast service but I must admit that it was overwhelming being confronted with so many celebrities all competing for the attention of the cameras most of my lines just evaporated in the heat of the moment.

Ben Dark was very funny in his exchanges with me, whereas Vince Sorrenti, the comedian wanted to play it straight and get his product out in the best shape.

It was a bit of fun for our staff on the day but it definitely made us work very hard in a short space of time, which is what Snap are experts at.

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