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It's a date: Calendars and your business

Published: 13 December 2012
It's a date: Calendars and your business

Branded calendars are a clever and economical way to stay in touch with your clients every day of the year.

And with 2013 just around the corner, now's the perfect time to make this budget-friendly marketing tool work for your business.

Finding a format

Calendars come in all shapes and sizes, from the classic wall, desk or fridge calendar to compact keyboard and wallet calendars. A wide variety of formats and specifications means every business can find a product that fits their client profile and business message.

Medium as message

Even in the age of digital schedules, the printed calendar remains as popular as ever. It might seem a bit old-fashioned, but this classic marketing tool is incredibly effective for a number of reasons:

Visibility: You stay front and centre with your clients all year round. Not just that the visibility of a calendar widens your reach to other potential clients.

Values: Calendars provide the opportunity to align your business with certain values, such as environmental or community concerns. Your choice of images can have great subliminal messaging power.

Low-cost:Calendar printing is a cost-effective way to reach a highly targeted audience, requiring just one annual investment in printing and mailing.

Function: People want and need calendars, and clients are more likely to interpret a calendar as a valuable gift to keep rather than disposable marketing collateral.        

Calendar essentials

  • Include your business logo, website and contact information on the front (or ideally on every page) so clients can find you.
  • Use available space to work in a call to action and drive clients back to your business.
  • Include small promotional messages on important dates to keep clients informed.
  • Consider including tear-off coupons or giveaways to encourage client engagement.

To get started on your 2013 business calendar, contact Snap to discuss our extensive print and design services.

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