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How to create a compelling marketing video

Published: 14 March 2013
How to create a compelling marketing video

Video is set to become a hugely popular marketing medium this year.

Sure, the idea of creating your own video content can be daunting, but the payoffs can be remarkable. Here's how you can create compelling video content that works hard for your business.

Why video?

Everyone's talking video right now, and for good reason. Video lends itself perfectly to connecting with clients who want snappy content that literally speaks to them. The key making it work is to create videos that don't feel like marketing. Make something that looks great and is fun to watch, and your message sells itself.

Five basic steps to making a great marketing video:

1. Understand your client: You might be a newcomer to video, but you know what works when marketing to your clients. Keep your hard-earned client knowledge in mind and remember the same rules apply what is your client interested in? What's in it for them? And what would you like them to do with your message?

2. Make it professional: Your message is worth hearing, so rise above the marketing clutter with genuinely great content. Maybe you want to take an educational angle, or perhaps your product lends itself to case studies, testimonials or product reviews. Find a way into your story and make a quality video that piques your clients' interest.

3. Keep it short: When it comes to video, short and sweet is best. A good rule of thumb is to stay within the two-minute range. Better yet, 30 seconds to one minute will cater to the most time-poor of online viewers. 

4. Find great talent: Including other people in your project not only enriches your network, it adds authenticity to the work. Consider interviews with industry leaders or client testimonials to enrich your story.

5. Have a plan: There are some basic technical considerations to keep in mind when shooting videos. Have a road map before you start rolling this means a script with a sensational opener and call to action, top-notch lighting and sound, and branding considerations.

Creating a marketing video is a lot simpler and less expensive than you may think.

Contact Snap to see how we can help with your next business video.

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