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Design Trends

Published: 4 September 2017
Design Trends

6 design trends you should be using now

What does your visual design say about your business, products, services and information?

Does it communicate the right personality, be it professional, fun, innovative, trustworthy, etc? Does it instantly connect with your target market - or say that you're out of touch?

The look and feel of your logo and branding, website, marketing materials, promotions and more play as important a role in building relationships and sales as the words on your pages or pixels, and actions of your people.

The amazing thing about good graphic design is that even small tweaks can make a huge difference.  Here are some of the latest design trends that you use to stand out, look fresh and entice more business your way.

Loud and bright colours

In the past few years, safe and light colours have been all the rage because:

  • they present a clean and controlled image
  • they represent sleek and functional

You may have already noticed businesses starting to head back to bolder and brighter colours in the branding, websites etc. If you're brand colours happen to be light and neutral, talk to a designer about ways you can add touches of brassier colour or accents that compliment your tones.

Bold and beautiful fonts

You'll increasingly see big and daring typefaces. These 'grab the eye' designs will use a mix of fonts to emphasise and establish the hierarchy of information.

There are plenty of benefits. A combination of concise, punchy copy with bold fonts always grabs attention. Plus, and bold fonts enhance the viewing experiences, especially on mobile and HD screens.

Google offers 810 different fonts that you can check out and use.

Multi-sensory finishes

An exciting development in print technology has created a new opportunity for designers beautiful, tactile print finishes that people can see, touch and feel, such as:

  • text, logos or images that appear to float on the surface like honey drops
  • shimmering effects as light catches the spot UV
  • gold and silver raised logos, text, lines or patterns

Not long ago, these sort of finishes were financially impractical for small or medium sized businesses, but now they're affordable even for very small runs.

Take a look at some examples we've produced for our clients across Australia.

Real people photos

No surprise here really, because few people find those photo library model working in call centre shots appealing or trustworthy.

Instead, they love high quality, fresh, photos of real people in your business, clients etc as a part of the design. It not only adds value to the content but also brings in a degree of credibility.

You can snap a few pictures of your office and use them creatively. It will bring the human element back into the design and your brand personality.

Hand-drawn graphics and icons

There's something animation and drawings that we all love. Probably because they take us back to the time in our lives when everything was fun. At least, drawing was fun.

So, hand drawn graphics and icons are taking over from stock ones and offer an opportunity to add a personal element to the design.


There's a theme here. Like illustrations, GIFs are like tiny, fun TV shows we used to watch as kids. Plus, they are able to get across a message in a more interesting and impactful way than text can. The other great things about GIFs are that they:

  • don't need any specialised software to run
  • don't take up huge space on the disk
  • can be easily embedded

So, they can confidently replace videos and images, especially when data usage is a big concern


Whereas GIFs are whole photos that move, cinemographs just have some minor elements moving in them. It's a technique that helps to attract attention and make an image more realistic by bringing it to life. For example, champagne bubbles rising in a still photo of a bottle. A girl's long hair blowing as she drives a convertible.

Likewise, 3D is definitely coming our way.  We will see its increasing influence in design soon. Add to that the VR/AR revolution and we are sure to see some interesting developments.
Rapid improvement is technology and human's unquenchable thirst for something new mean designs need to keep evolving. Sometimes that means going retro. Other times it's about something completely new.

The key is to understand what might work for your business and be the one to introduce it to your customers before your competition does

Author:Snap Marketing
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