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5 stunning flyer designs and how to make yours soar

Published: 28 May 2018
5 stunning flyer designs and how to make yours soar

Flyers are the fashion model of the print marketing world.

Undressed, they may look waif thin and pale. But slip them into the perfect design for the occasion and they'll turn heads - whether they're dressed to the nines for a premier event, or casually for a discount sale.

Great design makes half the difference

Flyer design plays a crucial role in its success. Together with your message, the design is what captures people's attention, creates an emotional connection and builds enough desire for prospects to want to find out more. Or buy right now.

Here are five design elements your flyer needs to turn heads and grow your business.

Eye-catching idea

Image: Drop Inn Hostel Singapore by Bravo Agency return flyer to hostel for a discount rate

Whether your flyer is mailed out, handed out or sitting proudly on display, it has a second or two to catch attention.

Impactful flyers achieve that with a visual punch -  something that helps people instantly grasp what the piece is about. Or, builds enough curiosity to read the headline.  

Some businesses using images or artwork that stops people in their tracks, but has no relevance to the idea. It's important that the visual also connects to your brand and the theme of the flyer.

A popping headline and succinct text

Image: The Sandbox by New York City Dept of Education

Think of your flyer headline like a newspaper headline. It has to make people passing by feel tempted enough to pick up the flyer and learn more.

Keep your headline short, to the point and easy to read at a glance.

As a general rule, a flyer should contain more words than a poster and less than a brochure. And it needs to answer the audience questions:

  • What is this about?
  • Where should I go to do it?
  • When should I do it?

One clear focal point

Image: One Beautiful Meal event by Valarie Jar

Good flyers (like any other print or online marketing piece) have a point that draws viewers eyes into the design. It could be an image or graphic. It might be your popping headline or some interesting numbers or lettering.

Whatever the focal point, you'll see it straight away on successful flyers because that's the bit everyone notices first.

Colours that match the mood

Image: Imperial Pilsener beer by Res Zinniker

Remember the cheesy fashion model metaphor we used at the start of this article? Well, now we want you to picture a line of print flyers all made up, dressed and strutting confidently down the catwalk. You can choose the soundtrack.

The point being, just like fashion, the colours and styles that flyers wear have a huge influence on who's eye they catch, assumptions about price and if it's something the audience feel is for right for them:

  • A person buying clothes might think, "Would I wear that and like to be seen in it?" 
  • A prospect seeing your flyer might think, "Does that seem like the kind of experience/product I want, or brand I'd like to do business with?"

And instead of wondering about the price of the clothes draped over the model, customers are theorising about the price of the product, service, event, etc being promoted in your flyer.

Here are some examples of how flyer colour can influence our perceptions:

  • Young, carefree people often love vibrant colours
  • Red and orange exude warmth, energy, and excitement
  • Blue and green are calming, natural and trusted
  • Gold or silver foil blocking, varnishing and other amazing print finishes add luxury

Whichever colours you chose, they should either feature in, or compliment, your logo colour scheme.

And if your budget doesn't allow for colour printing, you can add a second colour with black, white or a single colour ink on coloured paper.


Image : Craft Spirits Festival by joelfelix.com

Each part of your design has visual weight e.g. dark elements feel heavier than light ones, big images are heavier than small ones, etc.

Balance is about where the elements of your flyer design go. It's that fine line between looking symmetrical and 'neat', and something that looks a bit off-kilter or heavy to one side.

One characteristic of all stunning flyers is perfect harmony of the elements, such as:

  • being easy for readers to spot at a glance and scan quickly
  • excellent use of blank areas without any words or graphics
  • smart margins and alignment so even heavy text looks balanced.

As you can see, many subtle design elements need to come together to create a flyer that's both stunning to look at and enticing enough to increase leads and sales.

Get it right and your printed flyer can be one of the most impactful and cost-effective marketing stars that your business employs.

If you need some expert flyer advice, design and printing help, get in touch with your local Snap Centre today.


Author:Snap Franchising Ltd
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