You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Written on the 4 September 2012 by Snap Marketing

What's behind your brand's first impression?

A brand will either live or die by the first impression. It's a short moment where a consumer cements a connection to your brand and defines what they think about your business. And you'd better hope it's a positive experience, because their thoughts will stick.

Essentially, your long-term brand identity is built on first impressions. The way you represent your brand to the world tells a story about your business. So you should definitely know what your brand is saying to strangers. Are you exuding professionalism, trust, integrity and good service? Or does your brand come across as fake, too pushy for a sale and run-of-the-mill?

Let's take a look at what your brand is really saying about your business:

1. What does your brand represent?

As a business, you need to be honest about what your company represents. Are you conservative or cool? Innovative or efficient? Do you offer premium prices or budget? Ultimately, your business characteristics should be easily identified in your branding.

2. Review your communication channels

Consumer first impressions can form by coming into contact with one of many sources: your business website, an employee tweet, Facebook photos, a LinkedIn profile, a sales person's presentation, reading a consumer review or even receiving a cold telemarketer call. Now that you know what your brand character is, you need to review all of your communication channels (previously mentioned) and evaluate whether it is honestly reinforcing your brand's values.

Does your website reflect your business personality? Does the language tone speak to your target audiences? Are the graphics and colours appropriate and do they align with your brand character? Are your blogs educational or creative? What kind of consumers are following your social media accounts and what are they posting about your business?

Most importantly, what does your digital impression say about you? If someone were to search your business name in Google, the first five websites that show up in the results are enough to form an opinion of your business.

You can't control what consumers think about your business brand. What you can do is influence, to a certain extent, what shapes a person's perception of your brand. Define the right tone, set the right direction and position yourself favourably through building strong brand awareness.


Author: Snap Marketing
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