Why should I invest in business branding and design?

Written on the 7 August 2015 by Snap Marketing

We always hear people say "never judge a book by its cover", but we are also told how important it is to make a good first impression.

The truth is, that whether right or wrong, we are often judged by how we appear and the face we put forward to the world. This is as true for business branding as it is for an individual. In a highly competitive marketplace, a business needs a strong identity and point of difference to stand out amongst competitors and improve customer brand recall.

When you're running your own business and juggling a large pool of overheads, it might seem difficult to justify investment in things like a website refresh, a modernised logo or updated business cards. However, these are essential business 'tools' that convey many things to prospective customers: your level of professionalism and expertise, the size and strength of your business and the customer's perception of your business success.

Design is important.

Clean, clever design is integral across all company collateral if you want your business to appear as a professional and serious player in the marketplace.

Below are three of the most important areas that your business should consider when investing in branding and design. 

1. Your website

The business website is the modern day shop front. It is the first place that your customers will go when they are beginning a search for a product or service in your category. Broken links and messy web design is like broken windows and faded signs on a shop front. It's not going to entice your customers to go any further. Instead, they'll probably visit a competitor whose online 'premises' look more inviting.

However, it's not just your desktop website you must take into account. In 2015, it is essential that your site is also optimised for both tablet and mobile. This is called 'responsive web design'. It means your design changes slightly depending on the device it is being viewed on in order to maximize the user- experience. Considering that most people today start their search on a mobile device, this is a particularly important aspect of your web design and development that you do not want to overlook. (Proof that first impressions count)!

2. Your business card

A thin, faded, uneven business card is like a clammy, floppy handshake. It says "I can't really be bothered but I expect you to do business with me anyway". If your potential clients and customers are getting quotes from a large number of your competitors do you really want to be remembered this way? Your business card is your calling card and your leave behind. It should represent both the personality of your business and your level of professionalism.

3. Your logo

Logos, like fashions, go out of date. If your logo was designed in 1980, there is probably a very good chance that it's not looking as schmick and modern as it could be. You're probably thinking "but all the big brands have had the same logos for decades and they're still doing well.?" They may look similar, but they are updated every few years, ever so slightly. It might be the movement of a curve, thinning of the text, a lighter shade of red. Good logos change over time and change with the times. Sometimes great logos don't even seem like they've changed at all. Take a look at the evolution of the Redheads logo online. The traditional logo has very much stayed the same, but has been tweaked and modernised to keep it relevant.

Just as you probably wouldn't wear the same sorts of clothes you wore in high school, your brand also needs to mature and change over time. A lot of this can be achieved through updated design.

Speak to your Snap Account Manager for more information on how Snap can help bring your business branding up to scratch.


Author:Snap Marketing
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