Why great client service is always good for business

Written on the 5 November 2013 by Snap Marketing

First-rate service and a smile isnt just good business practice, its also the surest way to keep your clients coming back every time.

Businesses are always looking for smart new ways to connect with clients, but the secret to expanding your client base isnt really a secret at all it still comes down to superior service. Building positive relationships with clients gives you an edge over competitors, secures repeat business and recommendations, and best of all it costs a lot less than winning new clients. So how do you put some polish on the client experience?

Emphasise a culture of client service

Establishing a business culture thats all about the client means service isnt just treated as a department, but rather a business-wide priority. Consider creating a client service strategy that includes employee training, service manuals, mentors, or even on-the-job demonstrations.

Create a unique client experience

A memorable client experience can help differentiate your business. Look for innovative ways to put your personal stamp on the client relationship. Is there anything you and your staff can do to ensure clients feel remembered and appreciated at each transaction? Are there ways you can enhance or streamline the shopping experience?

Try the V.I.P. treatment

A loyal client is a hugely valuable asset to your business. Not only do they spend more, they often show their loyalty by recommending your business to others. So why not build on that relationship and reward them for repeat business? VIP offers and deals are a simple and effective way to look after your valued clients and invest in future business.

Think access points

Try to look beyond the standard in-store and over-the-phone client service methods and maximise the client experience with multiple access points such as online, social media and mobile. Youll extend your reach plus open up new opportunities to serve (and sell).

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Author:Snap Marketing
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