What's all this about? Why your website's About Us page matters

Written on the 5 September 2013 by Snap Marketing

For most businesses, the About Us page on their website is one of the most visited. It's the page that tells the story of your business, so it pays to make it informative and insightful.

Tell everyone who you are

Not everyone who lands on your website will know about your company, so use the About Us page to teach them. Let them know who you are, what you've done and what your specialties are as a business. For more established companies, a brief history of where you began, how you grew and where the business is headed is also a nice inclusion.

Ignore jargon

Many About Us pages suffer from the overuse of jargon and buzzwords. Not only are these words think "visionary", "world class", "cutting edge", "unique" generally overused, but they're very seldom backed up by facts. Let your audience know why you're so great in a way that is sincere and engaging that way they're more likely to stay. Save the sales spin for other parts of your website.

Speak to your audience

The key function of your About Us page should be to share your business story and the people, products and services that define it. Tell your story in a way that humanises your business and its journey. Speak in a language that captures your business voice whether that's witty and cheeky or friendly and helpful. Remember that you're trying to put yourself in a light that will make others want to do business with you.

Update regularly

Like any page on your website, you should regularly update your business About Us page. Ideally, it will always reflect the current state of your business and any key changes that have occurred whether that's the addition of new services or products, the opening of a new store, a change or growth in staff or a redefining of your business model.

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Author:Snap Marketing
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