Websites that work: Advice for great design

Written on the 31 October 2012 by Snap Marketing

Its often said that first impressions count, and this couldn't be more true for websites. A well-planned, beautifully designed website will make a huge difference to your client experience and their perception of your business.

The homepage

Your homepage is the most important part of your website. Think of it as your online shop window and your best chance to capture client attention.

  • List your messages by importance for example, what your key service or product offerings are. The most important points should feature prominently on the page.
  • Inspire your clients with visually stimulating imagery.
  • Place clear calls to action across the page.
  • A social media feed will help ensure your content is always fresh.

The navigation

Like a shop, the layout of your website will impact your sales, so its essential that your site is user-friendly. Keeping your navigation simple will mean clients remain happy and are able to find what they want in the fastest time.
  • Map out a client journey to help you visualise the most intuitive route through your website.
  • Have a button back to the homepage that stands out in case your clients want to start from the beginning.

The look and feel

The overall look and feel of your website should be in line with that of your overall business. It should capture your brands philosophy and experience. For example, a modern furniture store may have a very clean, minimalist website compared to a florists, which may be brightly coloured.

  • A website is a major component of your business. As such, it could be worth seeking the help of a professional graphic designer. They can help give you professional advice and guidance as to what will help best for your budget and your business.
  • Do your research surf the net and find sites that you like. Use these as markers for how youd like your website to look. They will also help a graphic designer have visual references when building your website.

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Author:Snap Marketing
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