Utilising the power of testimonials

Written on the 5 September 2013 by Snap Marketing

Word of mouth reigns supreme when it comes to marketing, but there are certain things that a business owner can do to incorporate word of mouth into their marketing plan.

Client testimonials are the next best thing and, when credible, can be extremely powerful. Read on to find out how to gather and utilise testimonials to benefit your business.

How to get client testimonials

Getting a client testimonial from even your happiest, most pampered clients can be a little like pulling teeth. Try some of the following tactics to build a portfolio of testimonials for your marketing toolkit:

Everyday interactions: Look for compliments in emails or during phone conversations and ask for permission to extract that quote as a testimonial.

Social media and directories: Set up a 'Review' tab on Facebook, ask for recommendations on LinkedIn, look out for positive tweets from clients and check Google Places, Yahoo Local and Yelp for existing favourable reviews.

Offer rewards: Ask clients to review your business (perhaps through a survey) and offer a reward or entry in a prize draw to say thank you.

How to share them

Now that you've gathered a horde of fabulous reviews on your business, try some of these methods to share the love:

Testimonial page: A testimonial page on your website is a must. Include details like the date the testimonial was given, name of client and with their permission an image of the person quoted.
Social media: Use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to share. If you can manage it a video testimonial on YouTube is the most authentic testimonial you can get.
In your signature: A short client testimonial in the footer of your emails is a great way to get the good word out there.
Print them: Incorporate the best testimonials on posters, brochures and even business cards.

Impressive client testimonials are a powerful addition to your marketing toolkit. Contact Snap to learn more about how we can help your business with its marketing needs.


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