The power of personalisation in marketing

Written on the 13 November 2012 by Snap Marketing

Research in Australia and abroad proves that personalisation in marketing increases response rates.

With one marketing document, you can easily create a corresponding data file that specifies personalised elements relevant to each of your individual recipients. This targeted approach means your direct mail campaigns can actually connect with each recipient in a way that a standard one-for-all message simply cant.

Whether you're communicating with existing or potential clients, donors, supporters, volunteers or stakeholders, personalisation can be integrated into all forms of direct mail. From official letters to company greeting cards and even gifts such as desk calendars, the opportunities to personally acknowledge your clients are endless.

What are the benefits?

With advances in technology, personalisation of direct mail is now an easy process and well worth the extra effort. From graphics to text or images, all elements of your communications can be selected or enhanced with intention to give that personal touch.

As most people are bombarded with marketing offers, personalisation is a great way to:

  • Make your material stand out.
  • Increase the chances it will be read.
  • Build client relationships.
  • Connect with audiences.
  • Foster client loyalty.
  • Make clients feel valued.
  • Increase response rates.
  • Increase your return on investment.

How to make it personal

There are many ways to personalise your direct mail campaigns, including:
  • Insert each recipients name throughout the body of the letter, as well as in the address and salutation at the top, and on the envelope.
  • Encourage clients to update their details with you by providing a slip or tear-off section that can be sent back with their current details.
  • Include a pre-printed return address label or envelope so recipients can easily respond.
  • Refer to a prior purchase they made or a job youve completed for them.
  • Add a personalised expiration date for memberships, subscriptions or special offers.
  • Subtly alter the communications contents by creating alternative paragraphs that can be substituted, depending on your reader demographics.
  • Use PURLs to direct readers to a personalised web landing page where they can engage, get more information and respond to promotions, contests or register for an event.
  • Let recipients know how they can connect with you on social media.
  • Integrate QR codes that readers can scan on their phones to be automatically directed to a website or PURL you nominate.

To find out more about how we can help your business create effective personalised direct mail campaigns, contact Snap today.


Author:Snap Marketing
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