The importance of checking proofs

Written on the 8 October 2012 by Snap Marketing

Spelling mistakes or botched-up colours on your business brochure or website can turn off potential clients. That's why taking the time to check every detail of a proof can save you a bundle in reprinting.

A proof is a trial version of whatever it is you're having printed or designed. They are used by printing and design companies so that clients can check them to make sure there are no errors and they are happy with the design before it goes to press.

Usually seen in PDF format, a proof shows exactly how the document will look when it is printed. Proofs are commonly used before the printing of brochures, flyers, posters, newsletters, business stationery, manuals and cards. They are also used before a website goes live.

A few important things to look out for on a proof:

  • Text: Check for spelling and grammatical errors. Spellcheck doesn't pick up everything and many typos can go unnoticed.
  • Design: Make sure every line, colour, shape and picture used is exactly what you asked for and is consistent throughout.
  • Layout: Check borders, spacing between paragraphs, logo use and use of white space.
  • Physical elements: Is it the right size? Does it fold correctly? Has the correct stock of paper been used?
  • Critical info: Make sure your address, phone number and website URL are correct.

When checking a proof:

  • Get several people to go over it for you: You'd be surprised what other people might spot that you've missed.
  • Read out the copy aloud: It makes errors like spelling mistakes or repeated or omitted words more obvious.
  • Print out your proof: Things look different on paper than they do on screen, especially colours.
  • Get all parties to sign off: It might be laborious, but it is certainly better than hearing negative comments after the job is printed.
  • Give yourself lots of time: If you rush a print job, you're more likely to have mistakes. Planning ahead will also allow for any last-minute changes that need to be made.

If, however, you do find yourself needing a job printed at the last minute, be sure to choose a professional provider like Snap. We specialise in turning around print jobs quickly and efficiently, without compromising the quality of the work.

Contact Snap for more information on how we can help with your business print, design and website needs.


Author:Snap Marketing
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