The impact of large format printing

Written on the 4 September 2012 by Snap Marketing

Large format printing is a powerful way to create eye-catching signage and promotional material.

Large format printing (also known as wide format imaging) has totally revolutionised the way the digital print and sign industry produce large format print content. Today, businesses can create eye-catching signage and promotional material to liven up their brand or event.

Choose from simple stickers and vibrant banners to full colour graphics, commercial shopfronts, sporting event billboards, outdoor signage and window or floor graphics. Large format technology means that it's possible to reproduce a high quality image on a large scale to meet your sign, print and display requirements.

Why are large format prints so great?

Large format prints are slick, high quality and exude professionalism. Businesses can say goodbye to dividing a large design into printable sections and assembling a banner on their own when printing on a large scale. The result looks unprofessional and pages often won't align where they should, which results in visible gaps.

Other key features of large format printing include:

Many large format printers are capable of printing large quantities of work in a very timely fashion.

High quality
The right printer can achieve superb print quality with high resolution thanks to a built-in calibration feature which aims to achieve the best possible result. The result is a durable and light-fast image that is impervious to fading and scratching.

Borderless printing
Printed images look a lot more effective without borders.

Colour matching
Unlike traditional home and office printers that rely on the CMYK colour system, large format printers have a great degree of intelligent quality control. A colour matching engine means you're able to print colours exactly as you want them to appear.

High impact
In such a crowded advertising landscape, large format printing commands the attention of onlookers and customers. It also reinforces brand recognition. Creative new mediums like floor adhesives can really generate buzz, too.


Author:Snap Marketing
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