Testimonials: Why they can make all the difference

Written on the 1 October 2012 by Snap Marketing

One of the best ways to convince prospective clients to go with your business is to utilise the power of testimonials. Testimonials are a highly effective marketing tool, and best of all they're free!

Testimonials from a variety of clients are a great way to promote your product or service. A potential client reading your testimonials will learn of other services you provide that they may not have been aware of. They can:

  • Help you get noticed
  • Add credibility, validity and integrity to your small business
  • Save you money
  • Make you money
  • Generate sales

You can use testimonials throughout your marketing communications on your website, flyers and in your brochures.

How to get a good testimonial:

1. Pick your clients: Ask clients who youve worked with over a long duration, built a relationship with or those who have a good understanding of what you do. Ensure they are willing to be named and potentially photographed. One testimonial with a name, company name/suburb and photograph is worth a hundred with just initials.
2. Use a questionnaire: Asking the right questions should draw the best responses from your clients.
3. Be creative: See if you can get clients who are willing to be filmed for video or audio testimonials.
4. Always ask for permission: Get it in writing.
5. Be specific: A client waxing lyrical about what a nice person you are is great, but youre not teaching prospective clients anything about your business. Your testimonials should be informative and engaging.

Before and after testimonials

The best testimonials are before and after ones because consumers buy results, not the process.
There is something impressive about seeing the transformation for ourselves. Think of all the TV shows dedicated to this concept The Biggest Loser, Extreme Home Makeover.
You want your clients to tell you about the problems they were experiencing before they started working with you, and what happened after they started working with you. These two factors create a powerful testimonial.
Pictures speak louder than words. If you have a product that can show measurable results pictorially, use them.

Contact Snap to discuss how we can best promote your testimonials with our print, design and web services.


Author:Snap Marketing
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