Ten tips for a great mobile website

Written on the 19 June 2013 by Snap Marketing

Smartphones are now an integral part of our daily lives, and businesses need to include a mobile format in their website strategy.

Fast facts*

  • Smartphones are always on, always with you - 74% dont leave home without their device
  • Smartphones are used everywhere - at home (98%), on the go (85%), in shops (68%)
  • 65% of people access the internet via their smartphone at least once per day
  • 86% of smartphone users search for local information on their phone
  • 94% have researched a product or service on their phone

Ten tips for a great mobile website

1. Simple navigation - help your customers easily find what they need. Simple menus, streamlined design and bullet points for text

2. Be thumb friendly use large buttons that are easy to click. Design your site so even large hands can easily interact with it.

3. Design for visibility is the most important information needed appearing on the home page?

4. Make it accessible reduce the number of steps needed to complete a transaction

5. Make it local have your address or store locator on the landing page. Include maps and directions. Use GPS to personalise when possible.

6. Make it seamless help users navigate between levels with clear back and home buttons

7. Analyse, learn, adjust - use your desktop site analytics to see what mobile users are doing, and adjust your website accordingly

8. Manage it from the same location as your website to ensure that updates filter through as quickly as possible

9. Make it quick - design your site so that it loads fast and make the copy easy to read. Compress images to keep them small for faster site loading

10.Make it easy to buy something or contact you - use check boxes, lists and scroll menus to make data entry easier. Use click-to-call  for phone numbers.


*Google, Our Mobile Planet: Australia. May 2012


Author:Snap Marketing
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