Staying in touch with your clients throughout the year

Written on the 27 November 2014 by Snap Marketing

If you forget your friend's birthday, cancel your planned coffee catch up and rarely send a thoughtful email, your friendship is likely to falter.

We all know that staying in touch with friends and family regularly is key to maintaining healthy relationships. Well, the same rule applies to your business relationships.

It's a fact: frequent and personalised communication with your clients will result in repeat business and retention.

But, what methods of communication should you use, and when is an appropriate occasion to get in touch?

Have a good reason to communicate

Your aim is to let your clients know you value them and that you're thinking of them. Too little communication and they will feel unimportant. Too much, and they will feel bombarded, claustrophobic and annoyed. 

Think about the communications you receive from companies which ones annoy you and which make you feel special?

A few good excuses to communicate with your clients include:

  • Birthdays - wishing your clients a happy birthday won't go unnoticed.
  • Anniversaries thank them for the time they've spent doing business with you.
  • Christmas and Easter spreading the holiday cheer, when done well, is very effective. Be aware that your clients will receive communications from a lot of companies around these landmark holidays, so make sure yours stand out from the rest.

There are two main reasons your client or customer will engage with your message:

1. Offer them something

If a repeat customer is worth thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of dollars over a lifetime, a free coffee, haircut, discount or cash back offer here and there definitely won't break the bank. As well as congratulating them on their birthday, or wishing them a Merry Christmas, why not throw in a 'gift' they can redeem? This is a sure fire way to make them feel appreciated and to get them back in store or online to make a purchase.

Boost Juice do this really well. If you have signed up to Boost Juice's mailing list, you'll know that every year on your birthday you can visit a store to receive a free smoothie it's simple, easy and effective.

Make sure what you're offering is worth the effort it takes for your client to redeem it. 10% off a coffee, which is redeemable on the day of your birthday only probably isn't going to entice too many people to come in store!

2. Inform them about something they won't want to miss

Another good time to communicate is when you are offering something out of the ordinary that you know your clients would not want to miss. This could be a one-day sale or a VIP-only sale.

When you're a very brand loyal customer there is nothing more frustrating than buying something at full price to then find out that it went on sale just a few days after your purchase.

At Supercheap Auto, if anything you buy goes on sale in the fourteen days following, you receive the difference in price back as a store credit. Pretty clever way to keep people happy and get them back in store!

Use an appropriate tone of voice

You don't have to be serious in all of your communications with your clients. Choose a tone of voice that fits with the type of message you are sending. Avoid any 'sales' messaging. The idea behind personalised client contact is for it to be an extremely soft sell, not an elevator pitch! Make the client the focus of the message, not your business.

Choose the right channel of communication

It is important to choose the right communication channel for the type of message you are sending and the time of year that you are sending it. For seasonal holidays, email might not be the best way forward if you want to avoid your special offer ending up in the junk mail or trash. Perhaps your message is best delivered via text message or maybe you want to give your client something tangible in the mail.

Come in and speak with your local Snap Account Manager, who can help you get started with your personalised marketing campaign.


Author:Snap Marketing
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