Spotlight on 'Women in Franchising'

Written on the 25 October 2013

Franchising is becoming increasingly popular as a route to financial independence without the stresses involved in running your own business, but getting started can still be a daunting task for many people.

Women in Franchising is a national association that was established by the Franchising Council of Australia to support women starting out in franchises and to help them achieve success.

Roles and objectives

Women in Franchising (WIF) provides opportunities for women of all backgrounds to learn about the benefits of franchises, as well as support services for getting started and managing a business. The association is also involved in influencing key policies decided by the Franchising Council of Australia that relate to female franchisees, promoting networking between franchises and highlighting the success of women in franchising as the sector gains greater prominence in the Australian business community.


Women in Franchising is led by a committee with representatives from all mainland states. The WIF committee was established in 2007 and gained recognition as a Special Interest Group in 2011, allowing for greater flexibility in the number of positions offered. Representation is also offered to the current Franchise Woman of the Year, an award created to recognise exceptional franchisees at state and national levels.


Women in Franchising organises regular events throughout the year to promote the success of women franchisees and franchise opportunities in general. WIF also has involvement with major franchise events and seminars endorsed by the Franchise Council of Australia, including the annual Franchising and Business Opportunities Expo.

Benefits of franchising

The franchising business model can be especially well suited to women who require the flexibility to balance their professional and home lives and work on their own schedules. The number of franchisors specifically targeting women recruits has grown significantly over the past decade, spanning a broad and encompassing range of industries.

Franchising offers many attractive benefits including:

  • Being your own boss
  • Minimal risk and financial outlay
  • Five day trading weeks and regular hours when working B2B
  • Ongoing support and training from franchisors
  • Established branding and national marketing

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