Spam and how to avoid it

Written on the 1 November 2012 by Snap Marketing

No matter how many times we unsubscribe (or report it), spam just never seems to go away. But there are some things you can do to help curb the problem so you can get back to the messages that count.

What is spam?

Spam refers to the millions of unsolicited emails and online messages that are bulk sent to internet users every day. They can appear in your email inboxes, instant messages or social media pages.

Why is spam a concern?

Spam makes up a huge portion of the worlds email, which is a major cause for concern. Not only does it cause inboxes to pile up with annoying messages, but it can also spread computer viruses.

Put a stop to spam

1. Stay aware: With hours spent online every day, we might not realise what were signing up to. If you dont read the terms, you dont know what youve allowed a website to do with your information. Perhaps youve agreed for them to share your contact details with third parties.

2. Keep it private: Your email address is personal information and should never be posted to a public forum where scanners can harvest them. You wouldnt post your home address for security reasons, so treat your email the same way.

3. Separate your email addresses: If you set up a separate email address, you can ensure that your business, personal and promotional emails dont mix. Youll reduce the amount of spam to avoid interruptions at work and you can deal with the messages in your own time at home.

4. Report spam to your email provider: Most providers have filters that can detect and identify incoming spam and automatically file these into a separate folder. However, if spam messages still keep appearing in your inbox, you should report them so the sender can be tracked.

Spam messages are a common problem that many of us have to deal with every day. And while it might be almost impossible to stop them completely, there are ways to avoid them.

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Author:Snap Marketing
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