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Written on the 22 January 2013 by Snap Marketing

YouTube is undoubtedly an online phenomenon a virtual space where talent is discovered, global audiences await the next big thing and businesses are presented with a free-to-use model through which they can spread their message.

The site has come a long way from its initial reputation for videos of silly stunts and dancing animals, and is fast becoming one of the top social media channels for businesses today.

Getting started

Head to the YouTube homepage and click the Create Account link, which will then direct you to a page to create a new Google account. Fill in the required details until you reach the final page of the process where you will find a button linking you back to YouTube. Select your channel name by clicking My Channel.

Do's and don'ts of getting noticed

DO invest time in customising your channel

As with any online profile, its worth taking the time to ensure that your company is presented in the best way possible. Brainstorm how you want the page to look in order for it to best reflect what your company represents.

DON'T use the site to post office pranks or silly videos

Keep your channel professional by uploading demonstrations of new products or speeches and presentations by industry leaders. Minimise the use of added comments on the videos.

DO interact with the YouTube community

Remember this is social media. Engage with YouTube itself by following their official blog with the latest community news. Seek out suitable, relevant videos from similar companies or channels operating in the local area and carefully select some appropriate YouTube friends.

DON'T forget to tag your content

The content on YouTube is categorised by tag words. Play around with tags and try to think outside the box often content can fit into more than one of the categories offered by YouTube.

DO maintain your YouTube channel

Make sure that you keep everything up to date and relevant. Watch out for negative comments and make a decision whether to simply remove them or respond to them directly.

DON'T ignore the data

Every uploaded video will have an Insight button, which gives useful data including viewer stats, demographics and where they discovered the video.

The bottom line

YouTube opens up many exciting new avenues to showcase your products, interact with potential clients and broadcast the essence of your business to a wider audience.

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Author:Snap Marketing
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