Social media: Google+ for business

Written on the 15 January 2013 by Snap Marketing

Googles answer to Facebook, Google+, is not likely to give you the same high level of user engagement youll find on other social networks. It is, however, imperative you still use it regularly to help boost your SEO ranking and visibility.

Getting started

Youll need to create a personal page before setting up a business page. From here, prepare a profile photo, tagline, five display photos and basic information about your business to get set up.

Google+ works with Circles of connections, so create a few groups including media contacts, team members and brand ambassadors to start organising your connections right from the start.

Do's and don'ts of getting noticed

DO use keywords

Keywords will help your page get noticed in search. In saying this, its not advisable to write a list of keywords and phrases as your introduction it should be a succinct description of your business.

DON'T neglect links

One of the advantages of Google+ is that it allows you to add hyperlinks in a variety of places. Use them to your advantage and link keywords in the introduction to your website.

DO take advantage of Hangouts

One of the most unique features of Google+ is the Hangouts. It allows you to chat with up to nine people, share documents with the group, watch a YouTube video and chat about it, and broadcast the chat live to anyone.

DON'T be afraid to experiment

Take advantage of the fact that you probably dont have as big a following on Google+ as you do on Facebook or Twitter and experiment with videos, images and links to see what people respond to best.

DO follow your fans

On Google+, business pages can follow their fans updates. This means you can interact with your fans and see what else they are talking about so you can get a better idea of who they really are.

DON'T give up

So many Google+ pages have been set up and neglected because they dont gain the same traction as Facebook pages. The truth is, youre really only going to get noticed by both Google+ users and search if youre actively updating your page. And youll be sitting pretty when it really takes off!

The bottom line

Many predict that with time Google+ will be one of the most influential social media platforms for business, so get your business involved today.

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Author:Snap Marketing
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