Snap broadens marketing horizons with international alliance

Written on the 2 August 2013

Snap is broadening its marketing horizons after establishing a new alliance with two of North Americas most prominent print and design groups, Allegra Network and Print Three a move that sees the local print, design and website franchise group ramp up its marketing offering.

Snaps three-way alliance, announced at its annual conference in Sydney, is known as ASP3, and includes US-based Allegra Network and Canadian company, Print Three both print and marketing franchise groups. It will see the local company draw upon a new wealth of market insight, international research and development, skills sharing as well as access to new marketing and print concepts.

Allegra Network, which supports six brands Allegra, American Speedy Printing, Insty-Prints and Signs Now in the United States and Speedy Printing and Zippy Printing in Canada claims to be one of the worlds largest business-to-business franchises and serves the multi-billion dollar market for marketing, print and graphic communication services. It has over 550 locations in North America.Print Three, which was established in 1970 as a chain of privately owned copy shops, claims 46 owner-operated, Canadian-owned Smart Document Centres, each of which provides high quality digital printing services.

For Stephen Edwards (pictured), Snap CEO, the alliance allows his company to not only build a truly international outlook, but also help deliver its franchisees and their customers with market-leading marketing and communications solutions.

I cannot overstate what a major step forward this is for us, says Edwards. While were very well established and trusted in this country as a print, design and website provider, this alliance will allow us to benefit from global insight and technology from two of the true market leaders.

For our clients, that means more leading-edge marketing communication solutions and for our franchisees, it means the chance to aggressively grow and expand with a growing portfolio of new products and services. We are rapidly becoming an unbeatable choice for the Australian SME.

According to Edwards, the alliance has been in the works for some time, with his first meeting with Allegras chief, Michael Marcantonio, years ago.

I was introduced to Andrew two to three years ago and thought we were strategically aligned, says Edwards. Through the same person, I was also introduced to Michael [Hrynwak, president of Print Three] and also found we have a strategic alliance. We discovered that were not on our own, were on the same line and going the same way. It gives us more confidence putting in the right strategies for our franchisees.

Marcantonio, who along with Hrynwak, attended Snaps conference in Sydney on 2 July, says that the alliance will enable all three companies draw upon the successes of each other and avoid the pitfalls.

The strategic element is the greatest advantage for me in this alliance, says Marcantonio. Its comforting to talk to other folks who have looked at the data and industry and have come to the same calculations we have. My first conversation with Steve lasted well over and I couldnt sleep afterwards.

We want to get to the same destination but our journeys have been different and to learn from those different experiences has been a tremendous advantage to all of us. It will allow us to avoid the pitfalls and build upon the positive learnings, he says.

For Hrynwak, the similarities of each companys market and model without the drawback of any competitiveness between them allows the alliance to use shared information for the benefit of each.

Theres nothing like this in the world, he says. The key to the success of this is to share information freely and more quickly, and at the end of the day, were selling the same products and services. Weve got very similar models and very similar markets.

Snap, with a turnover of A$130 million per year and 179 owner-operated centres across Australia as well as China, New Zealand and Ireland, has been aggressively building its marketing and online expertise over the past few years, most recently through a joint venture with Brisbane-based CRM, database marketing and content management systems company, Bloomtools.

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