Written on the 10 August 2013

Brakes, brakes, brakes.  That was the story of the weekend for SMU Racing at the third round of the Australian Off Road Championship Bentleys Cabin Park Flinders 450.

A new track at Baroota SA awaited the SMU Racing team which proved to be a fantastic venue with a challenging and technical drivers track.

The weekend started well winning Prologue.  Some further adjustments to the brakes and suspension of the car following Finke making further welcome improvement in the SNAP SMU Racing Jimco.

More pleasing was the winning of the Top Ten shoot out which put us first off the grid for the Saturday afternoon session.

Not long into lap one we knew we had issues when a lack of brakes dropping into one of the dams almost put the Snap SMU Racing Jimco end for end.  The two laps followed were smooth and flowing a great track but an inconsistent brake pedal still existed.  The Shane Wilson Nissan V6 was purring.

At the end of Section 1 saw SMU Racing in 2nd place behind SR Racings Shannon Rentsch.

Some overnight work was done looking for air in the brakes lines before we started again on Sunday for Section 2.  Rentsch was pushing hard and we were still running second after the three laps were finished.

The last break saw the team again looking for answers on the brakes.

Starting off the third section and ten minutes into the lap saw it all go horribly wrong entering a corner after a small straight.  A complete loss of brakes saw the SNAP SMU Racing Jimco miss the corner and get lodged on a high berm that comprised of loose soil the result seeing the car bogged for 17 minutes.The SMU crew very relaxed at this point in time!

Off again with little to no brakes saw the team pushing hard trying hard to make up for lost time before 3kms from the finish again running out of brakes again and putting the car on its side going into a medium corner. No damage and the car was pushed back on its wheels with the SMU crew idling the car back in to grab 4th outright.

A frustrating weekend after a promising start.  The party stopper being a faulty brake switch (eventually letting all brake fluid out) combined with a leaking turn brake.some day!

Positives were taken from the weekend and all we can do now is look forward to Coffs Harbour.  Caution will be thrown to the wind, running third in the Championship knowing that anything can happen in Off Road.

Thanks again to all of SMU Racings awesome partners for 2013:

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