Six reasons why marketing is different to advertising

Written on the 1 February 2016 by Snap Marketing

Avoid the confusion between marketing & advertising

1. Marketing is making a plan. Advertising is just one part of that plan.  Advertising may not even be possible for you, but a marketing plan is a must, even if you're a one-person business.

2.Marketing isn't 'selling'; it's making people aware of what you offer. People have become naturally cynical. It's better to inform than to shout.

3.You pay (often dearly) for advertising. You don't have to pay a cent for some forms of marketing. It's as easy as picking up the phone and calling a client or potential client.

4. Marketing is understanding your clients. Being aware of your target market who are they? What emotional trigger would lead to them buying your product? What would be their main stumbling block? Careful analysis of every aspect of your clients will help you develop a successful marketing plan that is more efficient.

5. Marketing is knowing your strengths (and weaknesses). What do you sell? What can you do better? Is your pricing right? Planning your products or services to suit your target market is crucial to success.

6. Marketing is having conversations with customers. Advertising is a one-way conversation. New platforms such as social media, as well as newsletter and email marketing, allow a more gentle type of conversation with your clients or potential clients.

It all comes down to a plan

Don't let the idea of a marketing plan overwhelm you take it one step at a time. Your local Snap Centre can help you call today and ask about a free Marketing Health Check.

Author:Snap Marketing
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