Professional web design vs. Do-It-Yourself

Written on the 4 September 2012

What design approach is best for your business?

Do-It-Yourself jobs are such a great way to save cash and provided that you know what you're doing, the results can be just how you want them. A DIY job can save you significant amounts of money particularly if building your own corporate website.

Just bear in mind that DIY jobs aren't the best avenue for every business. If you have proficient design skills, then go for gold. If you don't, then it's worth paying a professional because it will cost more down the track if you make a mistake.

Let's take a look at the skills required to design an effective website:

HTML coding - Web designers need to be proficient in HTML and CSS coding so they can display text/graphics and lay up a page correctly. You may have to activate plug-ins and additional coding to achieve special effects. However, coding software such as Dreamweaver or reading free HMTL tutorials on the web can make learning easier.

Technical knowledge - More technical knowledge is required. JavaScript programming is needed to build a technically correct site that is error-free. You also need to know how to upload pages to servers and manage content.

Creative flair - Web designers must exercise innate creativity and an aesthetic knowledge to produce a website that consumers will find visually pleasing.

Marketing skills - A great website should incorporate clever marketing tactics in order to generate leads and make sales. An example is writing call to actions at the end of body text.

SEO savvy - You also need to take into consideration Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) efforts. Can you write tight, effective copy while still managing to weave in keywords? A great web designer will optimise a website for search engines to boost visibility and web presence.

If you possess all of these skills and consider yourself an expert in web design then creating a functional, aesthetically pleasing site will be a breeze. If you don't have all of the above skills, you're going to have to seek external help to cover some or every single area that you're not familiar with.

Today many web design companies offer an umbrella service (web development, graphic design and online marketing) or specialised service, so you will only pay for the service you need.


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