Nurturing creativity in the workplace

Written on the 5 September 2013 by Snap Marketing

It can be easy to get so bogged down in the 'doing' of work that we forget about the 'thinking' part.

This can be more damaging than you realise the fast-paced, global nature of business today demands companies constantly come up with creative ideas and innovation if they wish to stay afloat.

Take these tips for nurturing creativity in the workplace to stay ahead of the curve and ensure your employees are getting the job satisfaction they need to stay put (rather than taking their ideas elsewhere).

1. Announce your intentions

Make it clear to your staff that you are open to hearing the ideas they have and encourage staff to share their thinking with you.

2. Free up the time

Help staff find the time they need. Even just freeing up 30 minutes a week will kick off exploratory thought.

3. Get out of your (office) box

Encourage and pay for staff to attend networking events, seminars and any other opportunities where creativity could be stimulated.

4. Break out of routines

Encourage staff members to head out for a walk at lunch, suggest one day a week where hours are changed or have staff members switch desks or work from home for a week. Any sort of change to routine can help breed new thinking and harbour creativity.

5. Reward it

Reward staff members who come up with ideas. But rather than just rewarding the best ideas, offer small rewards to every idea no matter how terrible or host a staff lunch, but only if every member of the team submits an original idea.

6. Persist

Don't be put off during the initial stages of proposing your intentions if staff seem hesitant. Persist and try offering an anonymous submission system to help break down the barriers of self-consciousness.

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Author:Snap Marketing
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