Making your website and social media work better together

Written on the 31 January 2013 by Snap Marketing

Potential clients browsing online no longer use one channel to interact with a business instead they have begun to move between multiple channels that bring together their experience as a whole. 

Make sure your business is ahead of the game by integrating all of your online mediums and getting the most out of each platform.

Give and take

At present, social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest direct a lot of traffic to a businesss website. Internet users browsing online will spot a tweet or a like made by a friend about the companys products or latest launches. Or in-house tweets and Facebook posts about your latest news will direct clients to check out your website.

However, this direction of traffic is rarely reversed, so make sure you use your website to showcase your social media channels and create a flow of traffic between the two, rather than a one-way dead end.

Share it out

The key to encouraging your clients to share your message is to make it easy. Ask them to pin, retweet, like or share interesting content and the likelihood is that they will if its easy. Just remember that easy means less than two clicks!

Social media sites offer the opportunity for you to add share buttons onto your existing account letting clients share pages or products that they like with their friends. Dont forget that share buttons can also be added to your website and it may be useful to research services such as ShareThis or AddToAny, which will help implement this.  

Once youre confident with share buttons, upgrading to the next level of integration shouldnt be too intimidating. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter have spent time and money making it simple for those with minimal technical ability. Functions called social plugins allow clients to see what friends or other clients have liked, commented on or shared on your site. Twitter too is helping integrate websites with social media through its @anywhere service, which allows your business the opportunity to use all of Twitters unique functions on or through your website.


Everybody wants to be part of something, so start to work towards creating an online community for your business. Respond to those who interact with your business online - answer questions, acknowledge and address feedback and thank positive contributions. This will let your clients know that youre listening. Ask the fans or followers directly for suggestions of features and articles theyd like to see on your site, and, where possible, reward client loyalty with vouchers or special offers.

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Author:Snap Marketing
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