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Written on the 7 August 2015 by Snap Marketing

There is nothing wrong with a bit of healthy workplace competition. It can help to motivate staff and keep them on track with targets, KPIs and performance. But how do you prevent competition from becoming negative or unhealthy?

Here are three key ways to motivate staff and maintain a healthy level of competition in the workplace.

Set Individual targets and KPIs as well as group targets and KPIs

Your employees need to know exactly what it is they are striving to achieve. This is why individual KPIs and performance reviews are important. These let them know what they are doing well, the areas in which they can improve and the strategies they can use to achieve their goals.

Whilst individual measurement is important, it is also essential to build a supportive wider team by implementing group goals and following this up with rewards and recognition when achieved. In a sales environment, this can be something as simple as splitting a commission structure between two parties or paying a bonus to each individual member of the team when a combined goal is reached. Encourage your employees to share knowledge with the other members of their team and encourage cross training between team members. Use these as internal performance measures.

Hot desking

It may sound simple, but "hot-desking" is a technique used by many large forward -thinking organisations like Google and Twitter. It basically means that staff work from a laptop and can sit in any seat they want to on any particular day. There are no set desks, phone numbers or desktop computers. This encourages interaction between different business units or individuals who would not usually cross paths and is a great way to keep people motivated.

A less drastic version of hot desking is to get your team to move seats every month or so. This changes the office dynamic, keeps people fresh and on their toes and encourages interaction with other people in the organisation. These small changes in themselves help inspire staff and generate healthy competition.

Give them a say

A great way to motivate staff is to hold a monthly brainstorm session where every person in the organisation has a chance to contribute to the strategic direction of the business moving forward. This makes everyone feel involved in business decisions which in turn makes them feel more valued and will inspire them to work harder in their individual roles. Competitive conversation in group settings should be encouraged. Challenge each other's ideas and suggestions in a constructive and positive way.

Simple changes in the workplace can make all the difference when it comes to your employees' attitudes, morale and efficiency. Although change takes time, you will start to see small benefits almost as soon as you implement a change.


Author:Snap Marketing
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