In the know: Franchising resources

Written on the 10 April 2013

Wherever you are in your search for the perfect franchise, one thing every prospective franchisee needs is reliable information and a trusty set of industry resources. Here are some essentials to help you along the way.

The Franchise Council of Australia (FCA)

The FCA is an ideal starting point for all potential franchisees. As the peak body representing Australias franchise sector, the FCA works to ensure the sector remains a sustainable and thriving place to work, and offers an exhaustive amount of franchising information and advice. They also provide educational services to members, including online and short courses. Their website is an invaluable resource for everyday franchising questions, as well as a hub of industry directories and events.

Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC)

Every franchise owner needs to have an understanding of their legal responsibilities and any applicable codes of conduct, so its important to familiarise yourself with the ACCC and their Franchising Code of Conduct. The ACCC plays a critical role in informing franchise participants of their rights and obligations under the Competition and Consumer Act, and provides a Code of Conduct that clearly sets out the rights of the franchisee. Youll also find their website packed full of interesting resources such as franchising checklists, manuals and fact sheets.

Franchising Magazine

This bimonthly publication is useful reading for potential franchisee. Articles range from industry developments and financial matters to marketing and future trends. If youre short on time, sign up for their 5 Minute Franchising e-newsletter delivered straight to your inbox twice a week. The Franchising Magazine team is also behind the Franchising Yearbook and Directory, an annual publication that provides industry listings and advice for franchise purchasers.

The Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence

If youre looking to get a head start on your franchising skills, the Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence is a national leader in franchise research and education, with courses ranging from Financial Management Training to a Graduate Certificate in Franchising. They also run regular events and forums where you can start networking with franchising industry professionals.

Franchising and Business Opportunities Expo

Sometimes you just need to talk face to face to get the answers you need. Public events like the Franchising and Business Opportunities Expo are an ideal opportunity to talk to established franchisors and successful franchisees across various industries. The expo will be touring the countrys major cities throughout 2013.

Companies you are interested in

If there is a particular franchise that has captured your interest, why not to go straight to the source? Visit their website to learn more about their business and what they offer. Seek out any accessible information they have around buying into their franchise system, and, if this isnt available, contact them directly to find out more.

If youre ready to make the move towards being your own boss, contact Snap to learn more about our franchising opportunities.


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