How to successfully run your business from home

Written on the 2 October 2015 by Snap Marketing

What makes a successful business run from home?

With the advances in technology, it's no secret that running your business from the comfort of your own four walls has never been easier. But, like everything, it has its advantages and disadvantages.

1. Create your own working space. Don't make this the couch or the dining table. What you need is your own space, where distractions are minimal, that's quiet, and somewhere that has enough room to create your own office environment.

Research recently conducted by indicates that half of people working from home have turned their bedrooms into their working space, with the kitchen the next most popular, and garden sheds making up 9% of homes turned office. As long as you have either a door to your office or some privacy, you've ticked off that first step to successfully running your business from home.

2. Manage and prioritise your hours. When we imagine working from home, it's easy to picture yourself spending a few hours on the computer, meeting friends for lunch, and treating yourself to an early finish. This is often far from reality as becoming your own boss comes with the responsibilities of bookkeeping, marketing, sales and everything else.

3. Hire an accountant. It might at first sound like an unnecessary expense, but hiring an accountant will save you countless hours, and let you get back to focusing on what's going to drive your business to the next level. Not only will they save you time with your bookkeeping, a good accountant will show you what you can claim in tax from running your business at home.

4. Look professional. It is truly amazing the difference in your productivity when you dress the part. Don't sit around in your dressing gown all day. Gentlemen, put on a collared shirt, and ladies, don a blazer or wear a blouse. Rent an office address you can use on your website or business cards, and when it comes to meetings try hiring a conference room or office space for the day.

5. Set day-to-day goals. Setting measurable goals is one of the most important tools when working from home. What do you want to achieve out of the day? What are my priorities?

It's so easy to get distracted at home, so don't schedule doing the laundry or cleaning your bedroom in office hours. Establish a work schedule that allows you to fit in your day-to-day tasks, conquer the factors are most important for your business and streamline your methods of maintaining your household.

6. Don't stay inside all day. Go and get some fresh air at lunchtime! It will do wonders for your moral.

7. Be honest with yourself. Not all of us can successfully run our business from home. Be critical of yourself, analyse your working habits and figure out what makes you happy and whether it is going to work before you start your business from home.

Nearly one million Australians own home based businesses and the number is growing fast. If you're running your business from home, you've probably figured out what's working and what's not, so now you should focus on getting those little things right. Take a moment to re-evaluate the way you work - you'll be amazed at what it can do to your productivity.


Author:Snap Marketing
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