How to hire right

Written on the 25 October 2013

Whatever size store you operate, youre going to need employees at some stage. Whether there are specific roles to fill or youre hiring someone to ease the burden of day-to-day management, choosing a suitable employee involves more than just reading their resume.

Do you need to hire?

Wages can be a major liability to small businesses, so you should first be fully confident that you need to hire someone before advertising a position. For some tasks, such as accounting or marketing, it could be more cost-effective to hire freelance workers with relevant experience who can provide services only as needed. Even if you do need permanent employees, many modern businesses are saving money on providing facilities on-site by employing staff on a remote basis.

Finding employees

While advertising positions on job sites can yield many respondents to pick and choose from, referrals from friends and acquaintances can be more valuable, especially if they come recommended from people whose judgement you trust. Personal references can also be just as important as professional ones when requesting applications, as a single personality can have a big impact on a small business. If you do advertise vacant positions, descriptive job titles are more likely to attract the right attention than generic titles.

What to look for

It goes without saying that the best employees will have some level of experience in a similar role, though you shouldnt overlook less experienced candidates who demonstrate positive qualities and the capacity to learn. In a small business, the ability to work flexibly and independently can be very desirable, especially as they may need to cover you or other workers during absences, and employees with a history of loyalty and integrity are less likely to move on to pastures new.

What to avoid

Candidates who mainly worked in large businesses previously may find it difficult to adjust to smaller, more intimate business environments where more flexibility may be required. You should also try to stay objective during the interview and hiring process, as sometimes your gut feeling may be misleading and a candidate who initially rubs you the wrong way could prove to be perfect for the job.

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