How to grow your Facebook following

Written on the 25 June 2013 by Snap Marketing

With over 10.7 million active users in Australia , the time to sign up and join the conversation on Facebook as a business is long overdue.

But reaping the rewards on the worlds most popular social media platform isnt as simple as its famously fast registration process. A successful Facebook page needs a well-thought-out strategy, time and plenty of TLC to grow and retain a loyal following.

1. Plan and research

Try to plan your content in advance. Set up a schedule so that you have a guide as to when and what you might like to post. Try planning some posts in advance. Base it on topics you can predict like key industry events, festivals or seasonal celebrations (e.g. Christmas).  For other posts, keep your eyes open for relevant topics that appear in the media that week. Look for news, events and happenings coming up that are likely to interest your followers. Share the post and encourage interaction by asking a question or highlighting a key fact from the story this will help drive engagement and attract users to your page.

2. Be true to your brand

Your Facebook page should capture and represent your business and brands personality. The same values that apply to all your marketing mediums should still apply here. The tone and type of content you share will depend on the nature of your business. A childrens party planner will have a very different approach to that taken by a financial lender. 

3. Social media is not a place to sell, sell, sell

Theres nothing wrong with sharing posts about your business. Your followers are likely to want to know when new stock hits your shop floor or when your business has won an industry award. The key point of difference is that social media is more of a place to share and engage than to make the hard sell. So respect the space answer questions, address comments (whether its praise or criticism), dont spam the newsfeed and keep it interesting and informative.

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Author: Snap Marketing
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