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Written on the 8 October 2012 by Snap Marketing

In order to get loyal repeat clients, it's important to communicate often and give them something of value. You can do this is by sending regular engaging eNewsletters.

What is an eNewsletter and why should I use one?

The email newsletter is a powerful marketing tool that has many useful functions. They can:

  • Build value for your business by educating and informing your clients and prospects.
  • Keep you in touch with existing clients to build loyalty.
  • Expand your client base.
  • Establish your business as an authority in your field.
  • Create awareness of your company, products and services.
  • Promote special events.
  • Increase repeat business.
  • Enhance your brand's identity.
  • Launch new products and services.

How do I go about creating one?

1. Sign them up

Your clients should benefit in some way from signing up to your newsletters. Don't ask them to fill out long forms as that will put them off. All you need is their name and email address.

2. Set a goal

Is your goal to drive more traffic to your website? Are you informing clients about new products or services? There should be a clear call to action and an obvious benefit for the recipient.

3. Define your target audience

Will your eNewsletter be narrowly focused on a particular segment of your client base or does it address a wide range of customers? The more targeted your content is, the more likely your readers will be to engage with it.

4. Keep it simple

According to the Nielsen Norman Group in its Email Newsletter Usability report, the average reader skims a newsletter for 51 seconds. Make sure your content gets straight to the point write short paragraphs and use lists and bullet points.

5. Fresh, scannable design

Use images to guide clients to the most important content and messages, such as arrows pointing to the benefits. If you have massive savings, ensure the numbers stand out.

6. Cross-promote

Clients should be encouraged to share the eNewsletter with friends, so cross-promote with Twitter, Facebook and YouTube where possible.

Contact Snap to find out how we can help design a memorable eNewsletter for your business.


Author:Snap Marketing
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