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Written on the 29 January 2013 by Snap Marketing

For webmasters, prominence in Google search engine results can mean everything. Fortunately, Google Webmaster Tools is a free service that makes it easy for webmasters to gather vital information about their websites in order to increase their search rankings.

Many businesses already use Google Analytics to keep track of the total traffic to their website and page views. Google Webmaster Tools takes it a step further, providing in-depth information on the various aspects of a website, including:

  • Problem diagnosis: Google crawls your site and returns results to let you see your site as Google sees it. This feature allows you to fix any problems that might be keeping your site from having the visibility it needs to succeed.
  • Malware detection: Google will let you know if any malware is detected on your site, allowing you to take actions to remove it before it impacts your visitors.
  • +1 information: Google will let you know how many +1s youve received and the demographics of those who have clicked +1 for you. Youll also to see the effect of +1s on your site, including increased clickthrough rates.
  • Remove URLs: Due to Googles cache feature, a URL can remain in search results long after it has been removed. Google Webmaster Tools allows you to remove outdated URLs from Googles search results quickly and easily.
  • Site performance: Using analytics, you can determine how well your site is performing in terms of views. Using Google Webmaster Tools, however, you can learn about your sites overall performance, including load time and more. The tools also compare your site to other sites in order to see how you measure up.
  • Webmaster education: Using videos and tutorials, Google Webmaster Tools provides a forum for webmasters to learn more about everything from search engine optimisation to uploading video and images that work with Googles algorithms.
Since Google Webmaster Tools is free, the only investment is your time. A few minutes each day is all you need to get the information you need to boost your site in search results, as well as enhance your visitors experiences.

To get started, simply visit Google Webmaster Tools, or contact Snap today to find out how we can help with your business website needs.


Author: Snap Marketing
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