Franchising: The benefits of being your own boss

Written on the 11 April 2013

For many of us, beating the nine-to-five grind and running our own business is the ultimate career dream. Taking those first steps can be daunting, but franchising is a great option that takes some of the struggle out of the equation. Here are some of the unique benefits of being your own franchising boss:

You choose

Which industries interest you? What business environment are you after? What does your dream company look like? An established franchise helps you imagine the future and gives you the advantage of choosing the business model and working culture that best fits your requirements.

You have control

Buying into a functioning, thriving franchise gives you an unbeatable head start in the business game. Now you have the thrilling challenge of turning it into a successful company where you have control of the wheel and are responsible for your own successes. Ultimately you take a working business and make it work for you.

You minimise risk

The franchise models primary benefit is risk minimisation. You have a proven business model for success. This doesnt mean its easy of course youll have to work hard on your franchise business, but you get to skip the risky trial and error periods of going alone and the scarily steep learning curves that are so common in new business startups. When you invest in a franchise, you essentially minimise the risk of becoming your own boss.

You set your own schedule

As a franchise owner, you have the newfound freedom to create your own schedule. You will have the flexibility to set your own hours and days, take leave when you need it and manage any extra working hours during busy periods. Its all about finding a working balance that suits you and your family.

You have a path to financial independence

Giving up the weekly nine-to-five pay can be scary, but being your own boss means taking charge of your income, and the sky is the limit. The more effort you put into making your franchise a success, the bigger the returns and thats money flowing straight into your hands.

These are just a few of the benefits of being your own boss. If youre interested in making them a reality, contact Snap to learn more about our franchising opportunities.


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