Four ways to manage your time more efficiently

Written on the 24 March 2014 by Snap Marketing

Most business owners find theyre big on ideas but short on time.

While there will never be enough hours in the day for everything, here are four simple strategies to help manage your time wisely.

The calendar is your friend

Try scheduling everything you do in the day. Whether you use your phone, computer, diary or a good old calendar, documenting your appointments, meetings and even thinking time will help make the most of every hour in the day. Even scheduling in your downtime is critical, so you can happily log off and recharge.

Define your priorities

Its easy to be distracted by the easiest (or most interesting) tasks, but effective time management is really all about knowing your highest priorities. Sit down and identify which tasks, products or services are most valuable to your business and then organise your day around these priorities. Simply understanding your goals will help focus your energy on what matters most.Delegate and prosper

Is your to-do list being hijacked by the small stuff?

It's time to delegate and make the most of your teams talents. The more you delegate, the more time youll have to grow your business, so assess your workload and figure out what you can hand over to someone else. Explain to your staff how you want the job done and give them the time and space to deliver. This could be anything from helping with your business marketing efforts to writing a blog to overseeing social media a few days a week.

Learn to say no

The busier you are, the more people will ask of you. But constantly agreeing to endless meetings and commitments just eats up your day and can lead to burnout. Ask for an agenda before you agree to a meeting, and practice the fine art of saying no.

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