Do you need a new logo?

Written on the 1 November 2012 by Snap Marketing

As a startup, you might have had lots of vision for your business, but you couldnt have predicted exactly how your business would develop.

Over the years, you might have grown rapidly or reshaped your offering according to your clients needs. So the logo you began with might not be suited to the logo you need today. If its been some years since you updated your design, now might be the time to reassess your logo.

Evaluate your existing logo

Get an honest opinion from your employees and existing clients. Ask them to tell you whether your offering is clear, what it says about your personality, whether it stands out and if it is still relevant to your current and future business models.

Result: I need a new logo

  • Step 1: List everything you need (or ideas around these) in a design brief, including colours, placements, your products and your business personality. This information will help a professional design team craft a logo that clearly defines your offering, identity and values.
  • Step 2: Discuss your requirements with a professional design team like Snap. With years of design experience, we will help you create something unique and effective for your business. If you need a little more guidance, take our Marketing Health Check.
  • Step 3: With an exciting new logo, its tempting to use it immediately. But follow this final step to ensure it works. Conduct another evaluation using the original questions. Hopefully, the answers will be right this time. If not, you still have time for tweaks.

Result: I dont need a new logo

Big companies like Google dont change their logos often, but they refresh them regularly to ensure they look new and glossy. They also ensure that the legacy of their startup days remains a unique and valuable part of their identity, and you could do the same by making a small logo change/update, rather than a complete redesign. Ask your local Snap Centre about our Brand Identity Workshop to see how we can help.

The costs involved

There are also practical implications involved in a new logo design to consider. Printing costs can increase with more colours and detail. Make sure you dont go overboard and over-budget when it comes to printing flyers and brochures by keeping your logo simple and uncluttered.

If your business has recently expanded, started offering new products or simply evolved into a new identity then its important to ensure your logo keeps up with you.

Contact Snap to find out how we can help you with your branding and marketing needs today.

Author:Snap Marketing
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