Direct mail: the unsung hero of marketing

Written on the 4 September 2012 by Snap Marketing

Don't let direct mail fall to the back blocks of your business 

In todays tech-savvy era, a high proportion of marketers are quick to disregard direct mail in favour of more popular marketing channels like the internet. But what theyre failing to realise is that direct mail can actually be a more effective way to reach your target audience.

The benefits of direct marketing speak for themselves:

Personalised messaging
Direct mail marketing takes a highly targeted and personalised approach, giving potential customers a better feel for your brand. Campaigns are tailored to specific recipients; those with a demographic profile that closely matches the demographic of a likely customer for your business. The outcome is one-on-one style marketing rather than the scattergun approach of delivering catalogues.

Cost effective
Because youre communicating a tailored message to a carefully chosen audience, your ROI will improve because youre communicating with a group of people who are likely to be interested in your message. Therefore, marketing costs are lower while your conversion ratio increases.

Higher response rate
Unlike an email sitting in a persons inbox, a piece of direct mail marketing can be held in the prospective customers hands. The message is right there and theres nothing to sort through. Emails can be deleted without even being read, so if youre offering a great deal such as 20 per cent off a product, a freebie with purchase or a 100 per cent money back guarantee your recipient is more likely to respond to direct mail.

Less competition
Your direct mail message doesnt have to compete for attention with other advertising messages. Additionally, your competitors wont be aware of your marketing strategy if youre contacting your prospective customers directly, which gives your business the upper hand.

Growing your customer base
Direct mail also allows your business to build and maintain a list of potential customers that you can target for future campaigns.

Ultimately, a marketers goal is to make sales and generate profit. So dont put direct marketing on the backburner when it can achieve this. Design direct mail with as much care and personalisation as possible so it appeals to your defined audience. No email can replicate the feeling and texture of receiving a great invitation or promotional sample package.


Author: Snap Marketing
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