Converting leads to sales

Written on the 4 September 2012

Discover how to cement the long term success of your business

If you're a business owner wanting to ensure long-term success for your business, learning how to convert your marketing leads to sales is absolutely essential.

In a nutshell, a sales lead is when a person or entity shows an interest in purchasing one of your products and/or services. They can be generated by direct marketing, advertising, trade shows, from a presentation or cold call, and even emails.

Let's explore some tactics to help maximise lead conversion for your business:


Your goal should be to obtain as many leads as you can from anywhere and everywhere. The reality is, the more leads you have, the greater potential for sales. Talk to people and hand out business cards often. You never know if somebody is a lead, or if they know a person who could be a potential lead.

Respond quickly

How quickly and the manner in which your sales team go about following up leads will determine whether your prospective customer buys from you or your competitor. Never ignore a lead; respond quickly and appropriately. If you're too slow, you run the risk of losing a sale to somebody else. If you're pushy and insincere, you can turn a prospective customer away.


A successful sale comes from understanding the needs of a prospective client, so listen and pay attention to what they're asking for. That way, you can align your sales tactics accordingly. For example, if a customer is already interested in a product and just wants to know the price, don't give them another sales pitch. Help them get what they want.

Overcome obstacles

Is one of your sales leads about to walk away? If so, find out the reason so you can adjust your approach in the future. You may be surprised to find that your lead will tell you why they're saying no. If it's cost, offer them a solution such as an alternative financing option.

You should also make it a priority to keep a constant point of contact with all potential leads. Email newsletters are a great way to do this. Invite leads to join your weekly or fortnightly mailing list and your brand will be kept front of mind.


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