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Written on the 20 November 2012 by Snap Marketing

Ordinary print jobs are a thing of the past. Transform your printable business materials into something eye-catching and unique with a range of print finishes that will add value to your brand. Consider these professional finishes for your next print job:

Trimming involves cutting a document down to its finished size. If your product requires text or colour along the very edges, trimming is usually required.

Laminating provides a smooth and impermeable finish made from a plastic coating that's sealed with heat. It's a great way to preserve printed documents that require a long shelf life.

Folding is a device that often invites audiences to discover something beyond what they first glance. Various types of folds exist. Some folds enclose a small product or disk, add a decorative touch, or attach an extra page or panels that can be opened out.

Creasing ensures folds function efficiently and look professional. It prevents items such as packaging, folders and cards from showing unsightly signs of cracking along fold lines.

Stapling keeps your documents together and in order to present professionally. Use it for just a few pages or a thick collection of documents.

Embossing stamps an area of the page so it becomes raised. This can be applied to a logo, to create texture or to make an image stand out on the page.

Foiling involves pressing metallic foil onto a page using heat and pressure to create a reflective area. It's not only eye-catching, but can add texture and be used to enhance a logo.

Varnishing provides a colourless coating that protects documents from wear and tear. It can be applied all over or to enhance specific elements on the page. Varnishing makes colours appear richer and adds shine. Choose from various finishes, from gloss to matte.

Contact Snap today to find out how we can help with your printing needs, including print finishes to make your business look distinctive and professional.


Author:Snap Marketing
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