Australia Post deal helps Snap cut prices & add mailing services

Written on the 30 January 2013

Australia Post deal helps Snap cut prices & add mailing services

Snap is helping franchises cut postage costs and expand their mailing services via a 'gold partnership' deal with Australia Post.

Franchises will get discounts on Australia Post products and will also be able to tap into the national carrier's in-depth demographic and geographic knowledge.

Snap said the deal continues its strategy of diversifying by allowing its print centres to broaden their product range into marketing services.

Chief executive Stephen Edwards said Snap could learn a lot from Australia Post because it was also a nationwide franchise that was looking to diversify beyond its core offering.

"Pricing is important but that's not the main game. It's learning from market leaders and sharing information," he told ProPrint.

"We get a lot of people that want to be in the gold partner program, but we're very selective with who we go with."

Australia Post has now joined Oc-Canon, Fuji Xerox Australia, Konica Minolta and Ricoh as gold partners, after a two-year deal was signed today at Snap's Sydney head office.

Edwards said Australia Post would gain access to Snap's network and customer base, and would also be able to attend Snap conferences and training sessions.

Australia Post wants Snap to help it better understand small and medium-sized businesses, said Alistair Tod, manager of products and systems, mail products and mail services.

He told ProPrint that the national carrier was good at interacting with the general public and "the top end of town", but could learn a lot from Snap about dealing with local businesses.

He also said Snap could help Australia Post better understand printing following last year's push into the transactional market.

Tod said Snap might sometimes outsource work to the two Oc ColorStream 3700 Twin presses Australia Post acquired last year.

Information exchanges between Snap and Australia Post will take place at executive level for the foreseeable future, but may eventually evolve into store-to-store discussions, said Edwards.

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