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Written on the 19 December 2012 by Snap Marketing

Even if you don't know what they're called, you've likely seen them around those barcode-type black and white digitised squares seen on everything from magazine ads to movie posters to bottles of water.

All the rage nowadays, QR codes, aka Quick Response codes, are electronic barcodes containing an almost limitless variety of information users can instantly download when scanned by a smartphone or any mobile device with a QR reader app.

A QR code on a movie poster, for instance, could direct movie fans to a trailer for an upcoming film. A QR code for a contest could send consumers to a form they can complete to be eligible to win. A QR code in a restaurant could be used for an instant coupon. You probably get the idea!


While QR codes may seem like new technology, they can actually be traced back to 1994, when they were used in Japanese auto manufacturing. The barcode that was once used to track cars during the manufacturing process is now being used for myriad creative marketing purposes thanks to the surge in popularity of mobile devices.


There are a variety of ways you can implement QR code technology in your business, including ways you may not have considered:

  • Promotion: Whether your QR code sends clients to your website, an app or your social media page, QR codes are a great way to direct clients to the material you want them to view.
  • Register users: Use QR codes along with incentives to register users. For example, ask clients to enter a few simple contact details in exchange for possibly winning free merchandise or a prize.
  • In-store materials: QR codes can be used to grant access to instant information. For example, some museums and art galleries now use QR codes to allow visitors to find out more about a painting or artifact, increasing the level of engagement on-site.

With QR code usage increasingly on the rise, more and more businesses are using them to connect with their mobile clients. For best results, enable and use metrics to determine the success of your QR code campaign.

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Author:Snap Marketing
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