A fresh start: How to inspire and motivate your staff

Written on the 31 December 2013 by Snap Marketing

An enthusiastic and inspired workforce is crucial for maintaining your momentum as a business.

As we turn the corner into a new year, now is the perfect time to evaluate your staffs motivation levels and make some small improvements for a high-performance year.

Take notice

Are you experiencing high turnover rates? Are employees showing up late for work or taking regular sick days? Take a workplace health check and ask staff how theyre going.

Work on the environment

Many of us spend more time in the office than at home, so why should we put up with drab, uninspiring cubicles? Think about what type of additions could help boost morale maybe its a breakout room for creative thinking, fresh plant life or new artwork.

Get social

When staff have their heads down from nine to five, work can become a grind. Encourage communication and collaboration with a few social get-togethers. A weekly department lunch, monthly drinks or celebrating staff birthdays can be just the ticket to lighten the load.

Rethink meetings

Roping everyone into endless meetings can be a major time sink and inhibit productivity. Evaluate your schedules and shake things up a bit. This could mean smaller stand-up meetings instead of formal sit-downs. Or take things off-site and have walking meetings or catch-ups over coffee.  

Emphasise feedback

Give praise when its due and acknowledge staff for a job well done. On the other hand, constructive criticism that is deftly handled can be an important learning tool for employees.

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Author:Snap Marketing
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